Seasonal Picks for Athens, GA Attractions

Make Time for This Athens Landmark

Sep 03, 2019

Here in Athens, we’re proud to be home to truly unique sights and sounds. One of our most favorite must-see spots may seem like any other slice of nature upon first glance. But dig deeper into the history and you’ll see why The Tree That Owns Itself is such an important piece of Athens history. In a sleepy residential neighborhood stands a grand white oak tree that, yes, owns itself. Placed on the land once owned by Colonel William H. Jackson—once a professor at the University of Georgia—the tree became a special sign of home to the professor. His love for the tree went so far that he deeded it eight feet of land in each direction in perpetuity. Since then, no one has ever tried to move the tree. The original sadly fell in 1942, but it was replaced with a sapling from one of the original tree’s acorns in 1946. You won’t want to miss this Athens landmark!

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