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A Spring Holiday for Green, Slithery Things

The spirit of Ireland has infiltrated the deep south, and no one’s complaining. It’s the top of the morning on Saint Patrick’s Day, and Athens is plenty thirsty. No matter the holiday, the bartenders at the Globe are proud to dash off a shot of Jameson whiskey or fill a frosty pint of Guinness. This English-inspired pub likes to kick up the traditional menu around this time of year, adding a chef’s pick of corned beef and boiled cabbage.

Although Saint Patrick drove Ireland’s snakes into the churning sea, the friendly staff at Bear Hollow Zoo wouldn’t think twice to show you them again. Their guides look forward to explaining the important role and environmental impact these slithery creatures have, even when it comes down to our private backyards. So don your green apparel and spend a fun afternoon visiting the rest of Bear Hollow Zoo’s menagerie of animals large and small.

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