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Halloween's a Wild Rumpus

With October right around the corner, you might be unsure what to do in a new town during Halloween. If you’re in Athens between October 27th to 29th, you’ll be happy to know that the city hosts an annual, Mardi Gras style event known as the Wild Rumpus. Be a part of the action and romp through the streets of the city. Bang on a drum, howl into the night—join the energy of the crowd. If you don’t yet know what to dress up as yet, consider following the Wild Things theme of the event by dressing as a monster to really get into the spirit. If you’re with your family, you’ll also be happy to know that on October 28th, a family and youth centered Halloween event is held at the Foundry, so you won’t have to miss the whole Rumpus to ensure that your kids can be safe while still having fun. Whether you go for one night or three, you’ll be glad to have a bed waiting for you right in the city at the Hotel Indigo Athens, so you can take off your monster costume, get in your pajamas, and have a sound nights sleep.

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